2019 Annual Student Dues

Payment for the 2019 Annual Student Dues is now closed.

Payment Status:

  • If you have submitted your complete payment prior to the deadline, April 1, 2019, thank you. If you are looking for a receipt, please contact us at asd@cpaontario.ca with the subject line "ASD 2019 Receipt Request".

  • If you have not submitted your complete payment prior to the deadline, April 1, 2019, please see below:
    • The 2019 ASD has not been received, therefore your student registration has been suspended, as per Regulation 9-1, s. 43.1.

    Reinstatement process:

    To reinstate your student status, please complete the below items before Monday, June 3, 2019 to Customer Service:

            * For University Graduate Conditional students, the total payment is $497 which includes: $339 ASD, $45 late due and $113 reinstatement fee

    Students who do not reinstate before Monday, June 3, 2019 will be deregistered as per Regulation 9-1, s.46, 60 days from the suspension date.

    As a reminder, the consequences of deregistration are:

    • Loss of any CPA Ontario student rights and privileges.
    • Loss of any transitional provisions or special considerations that may have been awarded.
    • Loss of the dual designation option, if applicable.
    • Loss of any credits or courses earned in the CPA program prior to being deregistered.
    • Loss of practical experience earned prior to being deregistered.

    A student who has been deregistered shall not be re-registered except in extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of, and on the restrictions and conditions deemed appropriate by the Vice President, Student Services, as per Regulation 9-1, s.58

    If approved for re-registration they will need to apply for student registration, be treated as a new student, require a transcript assessment and pay the applicable dues and fees.